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Probationer Teacher placements

4 June 2021

National partners have been working throughout this pandemic year to support student teachers’ progression into the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS) / probationary period.

Almost all students have now received confirmation of their probation placement. This is a complex process involving over 3800 students being allocated to 32 local authorities through preference waivers, or through making 5 preferences. The impact of Covid-19 has made the process more complex this year.

It is important that individual students know where to go to seek accurate information about which placement group they are in. In line with national guidance, Group 1 (TIS probationers) will progress into their induction year (probation) at the start of next session 2021/22. Group 2 will be required to complete an extension period at the start of next session 2021/22. A third group, Group 3, will be required to undertake a retrieval placement in session 2021/22.

Students will be informed by their Higher Education Institution (HEI) as to which group they are in, following usual procedures. HEI Examination Boards are meeting over the next couple of weeks to confirm student progress, as is usual practice.

The Group allocation communicated to a student may change as a result of the HEI Examination Board. Where applicable, GTC Scotland will seek to negotiate a change to the management of the placement with the local authority.

All partners involved in these processes understand the excitement and anxiety that there can be at this time and share a common aim to support each individual student into the next stage as best as we can in challenging circumstances.