The General Teaching Council for Scotland

GTCS launches new profile system for Flexible Route Probationers

GTC Scotland launched an upgraded profile system this week for probationer teachers working towards full registration as a teacher in Scotland through the Flexible Route.

Flexible Route probationers in Scottish schools use an online profile system to record their teaching service and professional learning. The new updates to this system are designed to make the profiles more user friendly and ensure a better quality of service. They also bring the profiles in line with those used by probationers on the Teacher Induction Scheme, to ensure a consistency in the support, usability and functionality offered.

To become a fully registered teacher in Scotland, it is a requirement to meet the GTCS Standard for Full Registration, which sets out the qualities and capabilities expected of teachers during their probation period.

Elaine Napier, Senior Strategic Manager: Education and Professional Learning, GTCS said “We are excited to launch these updates to our online profiles as part of our continuing commitment to improve the support we offer to our probationers. We hope that our Flexible Route probationers will find the updated system easier to use as they work towards meeting the requirements of the Standard for Full Registration.”

The Flexible Route is a way to complete probationary service for teachers who have decided to opt out of the guaranteed one year full time placement offered as part of the Teacher Induction Scheme. Probationer teachers who follow the Flexible Route need at least 270 days teaching experience to reach the Standard for Full Registration.

Probationers opt into the Flexible Route for a number of reasons, including an inability to commit to a full-time post, or a desire to complete their probationary period somewhere other than a Scottish state school. The Flexible Route is also available to those fully registered teachers who wish to gain full registration in an additional subject.