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GTC Scotland has created and curated a variety of resources and advice to support teacher and lecturer health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis.

  • Get valuable insights from health and wellbeing professionals in our Webinar Recordings and Resources sections.
  • Watch interviews with Scottish education professionals about how they're coping with lockdown in the A Brew and a Blether section.
  • Read insightful articles from in the Teaching Scotland section.

Upcoming Wellbeing Wednesday Webinar

Ask the health and wellbeing specialists Q&A

In our next Wellbeing Wednesday Webinar on 28 October (4 - 5:30pm), we will be joined by a panel of four specialists to answer questions submitted by you about supporting your health and wellbeing.

GTC Scotland has worked with health and wellbeing specialists to support teacher and lecturer wellbeing during the lockdown and beyond for our Health and Wellbeing Hub. Now, as schools and colleges have reopened, wellbeing and resilience are being tested even further as teachers and lecturers strive to provide a nurturing and safe environment for their learners. The resulting additional challenges and pressures may cause feelings of strain and disconnect and test the most resilient of colleagues. Our expert panel will be here to answer your questions.

Latest Resources

Feeling the burn? Cultivating self-renewal practices during recovery.

Teachers have worked tirelessly to provide safe, nurturing and adaptive learning environments for all learners' return this August. This webinar looks at the impact of the transition to the classroom from lockdown on the wellbeing and resilience of educators. Claire Lavelle offers coaching support and strategies on cultivating key self-renewal practices to sustain energy, optimism and self-efficacy during challenging times.

View the recording

Slides: Feeling the burn? Cultivating self-renewal practices

Embracing change - Realising your goals through self-hypnosis - Paul Mills

A recording of the final instalment in the series of ‘De-stressing stress’ webinars with Paul Mills and David Graham is now available in the Resources section of MyPL.

Often, when we resolve to make changes by creating personal goals we begin with energy and enthusiasm but then quickly run out of steam.

In this webinar Paul explores how self-hypnosis can help us maintain momentum towards realising our goals.

Compassionate transitions guidance - The British Psychology Society has recently published guidance to support teachers and education staff as they return to school. Read the resource

Wellbeing section - Teaching Scotland - issue 85 - In this issue; Paul Mills discusses the importance of coping mechanisms, Margo Cunningham and Claire Lavelle explain how coaching can support teachers' return to school and Hugh Smith looks at the signs and effects of situated trauma. Read the resource

Preparing for Your Probation: Becoming a Probationer in Scotland during the Covid-19 Pandemic - Dr Emma Hepburn. Read the resource

Education Workforce Support - a ‘one stop shop’ of health and wellbeing resources, created by partners who are all contributing to a new workforce support group, supporting the wellbeing of staff and colleagues within education. Details on where you can access and find supports are included, as is a survey to identify further needs, and a link to offer more resources to the package. - Read the resource (available at the bottom of the linked page)

If you would like to recommend health and wellbeing resources that you have found useful please contact:


Education Support

Anyone in education can call the free and confidential helpline run by Education Support, 08000 562561

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