The General Teaching Council for Scotland


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The General Teaching Council for Scotland has been given responsibility for Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges by the Scottish Government.
Show Racism the Read Card launches its Scottish Creative Competition for 2020.
The Wood Foundation has announced the launch of their Global Learning Partnerships (GLP) 2020 programme and the introduction of the RAiSE programme to Clackmannanshire and North Lanarkshire.
GTC Scotland has published its Annual Report 2018–19.

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Teaching Scotland

Teaching Scotland

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Hugh Smith advocates the continuance of a restorative approach to support learner mental health and wellbeing.
Investigation into the impact of sensory issues prompted Anne Healey, a teacher at Ashton Secondary School, to create a Sensory Passport.


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13/09/2019 - School libraries: tackling the attainment gap

Jim Thewliss, General Secretary of School Leaders Scotland, talks about how the Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools strategy is raising attainment.

04/07/2019 - Taking the Flexible Route

Modern Studies teacher, Hannah Smith, talks about her Flexible Rote experience and taking the plunge in becoming a teacher.