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The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Initiatives supporting and maintaining confidence in teaching profession highlighted in GTC Scotland annual report

GTC Scotland has today published its Annual Report 2019-20, highlighting the work it has achieved over the last financial year.

Ken Muir, Chief Executive and Registrar of GTC Scotland, said: “Over the annual reporting year 2019–20, GTC Scotland has taken forward a wide range of projects. These have been designed to support and enhance the professionalism of our 76,600 registrants and maintain the confidence of the public and users of the education systems in the teaching profession.

“The academic session 2019–20 will forever be associated with the Covid-19-related disruption that has engulfed not just our Scottish education system, but the world as a whole. To support registrants, we launched our Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub in March, containing a vast number of collated materials in addition to bespoke resources created by wellbeing experts. These are helping teaching professionals to manage their health and wellbeing as they face the demands and uncertainties posed by Covid-19.

“With our new 2020–2022 Council in place, I am proud to say that all the team at GTC Scotland continue to be focused on supporting the teaching profession in its delivery of high-quality outcomes for all learners. I can assure you we will continue to do all we can to provide high-quality support through delivering what is set out in our Strategic Plan for 2020–23 as we all engage with the challenges that lie ahead for Scottish education.”

Key projects undertaken in the 2019–20 financial year include:

  • Evaluation of professional learning: a five-year longitudinal study into Professional Update (PU) was conducted, which consists of the collated results of annual surveys of teachers who have engaged in PU and completed their sign off since 2014. The study found that 94% of teachers believed their professional learning has an impact on their learners, while 96% believed their professional learning has a large or some impact on themselves.
  • Revision of the Professional Standards and Professional Code: the revised Professional Standards and Professional Code were put out for public consultation in 2019. An analysis of the consultation outcomes resulted in 28 recommendations. GTC Scotland continues to work with education professionals and stakeholders on these two important documents.
  • Continued collaboration in the college sector: for over five years, GTC Scotland has worked closely with the college sector and, in 2019, responsibility for the Professional Standards for College Lecturers was transferred from the Scottish Government to GTC Scotland. In addition, more of Scotland’s colleges were validated for PU and work continued to progress on the registration and regulation process for lecturers.
  • Launch of the Health and Wellbeing Hub: GTC Scotland responded swiftly at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to support teachers and lecturers with their mental health and wellbeing. We worked with wellbeing experts to create bespoke resources for teaching professionals on a variety of topics including resilience, managing stress, leadership, meditation and coaching, in addition to interviewing Scottish education professionals about how they’re coping with lockdown in our A Brew and a Blether series.

This Annual Report signals the end of the Strategic Plan 2017–20. GTC Scotland introduced its Strategic Plan for 2020–23 earlier this year, with the vision of “inspiring world-class teaching professionalism”.

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